Approaching a blue moon.

The snide voice that would say “Hey, I guess it’s Petered out!”  Oh, so funny.

But things (Sachen) are afoot.  Michael Polanyi is sitting down to tea with Thomas Aquinas, and all of the political bullshit in the world won’t stop them.  Today’s Tom Aquinas, he gets high on who?  (Does Horton Hear?)

Last night a dream.  What I remember:

Had to provide lodging for Rush Limbaugh, and he turned out to be different from my negative image.  Helpful, counseling, pastoral.  He even looked different.

A guy showed up who had just committed homicide.  He seemed like someone I used to sing with.  He brought a bloody trophy (only hair, though).  He wrote somewhere (a wall?)  ”1 down, 2 to go.”

I was afraid, and wanted to leave, but the vehicle I tried to leave in fell apart.  It was the same vehicle that we (I don’t know who) were trying to load stuff into that had to be hauled somewhere, and there was a problem with who it belonged to.  I’m unclear on whether the loading and the ownership problem were before or after the homicidal guy and the attempt to depart.

And at the end, I wake up surprised.  I think, “Rush Limbaugh”??

The bloody part was unsettling, and cast a shadow for a while after I awoke.

Bruce didn’t show up, but he’s still sliding, I think.

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