2. Who R U ?

Who are you?  (hoo hoo, hoo hoo)

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If you are reading the blog, you probably know who I “really” am, but you might not.  The blog is “anonymous,” for two reasons that I can think of (not ruling out that there might be reasons that I cannot think of):

  1. The other guy is active on some other “social media,” where comments he makes tend to generate responses, discussion, and often more heat than light from my point of view (and from his, I’m quite sure).  I am ALWAYS open to any comments that anyone would like to make! (email anlehnung[at]gmail{dot)com). But the anonymity and lack of space for comments/discussion on the blog itself is rooted in an admittedly selfish concern. We (he and I) need to budget our energy when it comes to dealing with and responding to feedback, discussion, etc.  We assume (and this is borne out in experience) that not everyone will “get” or be “comfortable” with what we’re doing here, and we’re trying to keep that from being OUR problem, whether rightly or wrongly.
  2. That I am presenting the blog as if it were done by someone other than him seems essential to its very nature.  It is part of the experiment.  I don’t know if I can say why yet, but my sense is that he would never have been able to do this for himself as some sort of completely “private” journal.  Being overheard, as well as allowing multiplicity, seems necessary.  This is all very selfish too, but our hope is that any others who take time to follow it will find something for them, and not only our selfishness. If not, quit reading it and Google something you’re more interested in.

Though the blog is “anonymous” in the above sense, the point is not that I am posing as anyone I am not.  There is no claim ever intended here that I am anyone other than the person who is actually writing the blog, and there are no illegal or immoral reasons for the anonymity.  If you don’t know who I am, and there is some reason why you need to know, just send an email including an indication of who you are.