The End(s) of This Blog

Unless something changes pretty drastically, this is the end of the blog, “A Certain Style of Being.”  It’s my last post here.

I’m going to leave it here, and I’m not going to worry about its “anonymity” any more, not at all.  It will stay here, and will be accessible from the other blog that I maintain under my real name, and I may or may not refer to the content here from over there.  Given that, this is only an approximate end.  It’s not “closure.”  Whatever was going on here will not end, and it may remain a mystery for a while what its end (goal) was.

I’m so tempted at this moment to feel that it was (is) a mistake somehow.  But even if that were true, our mistakes also become a part of who we are.  And I wonder if being tempted to feel that way is simply a part of what it means to decide anything.

To those few of you who have already read it, you have my most heartfelt thanks!

Do you think you may miss me, as if I have gone away?  No, I’ll be over there with him.

Craig Alter

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