“Wait a minute.  You weren’t thinking about the possibility of actually seeing homeless people?”

“It certainly didn’t occur to me consciously.  I saw the picture of Bowie and Garfunkel, and knew I had to use them.  When I started laying it out, it seemed right that Garfunkel should be homeless.”

“But you knew you were making the trip.”

“I knew that I was going to an academic conference.  The connection was not obvious at the time.”

“And it became clear when, exactly?”

“Well, that’s easy.  I had already been among some academic folks a bit, then when I was walking between hotels, I was asked for some change by someone.  I don’t think it could have been more than ten seconds before I realized that the homeless motif had something to do with the trip.”

“And the rest?”

“The rest took another day or so.  But when it clicked, it made me actually stop walking.  I was walking through a book exhibit, and I had to stop walking and absorb it for a minute.”

“It came all at once?  Academic, religious, and political?”

“Of course.  They are not really distinct for me.  You know that.”

“I know all of this.  That’s what leads me to my next question:  Why are we having this conversation?”

“Because I really do think the homeless motif was kind of lame.”

“Uh…  OK.”


“You don’t know what’s going to be said about this yet, do you?”

“No, I really have no idea.  Neither do I know how long it will be before it can be said.”

[more silence]

“You’ve used the word ‘really’ three times just now.  What does ‘really’ mean in this context?”

How could ‘really’ mean, except in a context?”

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