Long pauses in the posting, lags in the narrative… They really bother me.  Should they?

The shard is still there, but it’s not clear where that’s going.  The shard, I mean.  It actually is clear that what the shard is about will continue to be a part of me. Like the wound of Anfortas?  No, that’s too grand and operatic.  It is a sort of “thorn in the flesh,” though.

But today a temporary ambivalent unicity hangs out over the selfhood abyss.  There’s no particular actor to play me, partly because I don’t care as much today about me’s.  I’m just “I” today, and sort of kind of OK with that for the moment.  Yeah, “me’s” is intended to be the plural of “me.”  My understanding is that you CAN use an apostrophe and an ‘s’ for plural rather than possessive in some special circumstances.  Does this qualify?  I’ve decided it does. No one else is here right now to stop me.

Webster says an apostrophe can be “the addressing of a usually absent person or a usually personified thing rhetorically.”

Addressing of a person who is usually absent?  I’m addressing myself here, and today I’m tempted to say that I am indeed usually absent.  I guess I’m also usually personified, too, but I am not a thing.  Oh yes, of that I am about as sure as I get about something.  I am no thing.  Not A nothing, a “thing which is not,” but “no thing.”

And so I address thee, self that is no thing, with this non-punctuational apostrophe.  The start of that, “apo,” is like the start of “apophatic.”  By being apophatic in some sense, rather than kataphatic, could it be that I’m avoiding a “katastrophe”?

Jack Bruce played bass with Zappa on Apostrophe.  So I guess it’s one third Cream.

But not sweet, really.  More salt.  That wound…  It does feel like it has a little bit of salt in it today.

But it’s a pretty good day, absent self.  The apostrophe in that sentence is not supposed to be possessive.  But was it anyway, in a different way?

Am I learning not to be so possessive with you?

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