Some of Rabbit’s Friends and Relations

Sigismund: Why such a deep sigh, daughter?

Anna: The blood, from the genital area. It’s hokey!

Sigismund: [smiling] Hokey? Does this have a technical meaning?

Anna: Father, you know exactly what I mean.

Sigismund: Ah, but this is one of the more important points, is it not? What is it to know exactly what anything means? Even if I am the best candidate for “knower” with regard to my own associations, how does this knowing come about? The associations must be chased, like too many rabbits dashing simultaneously down far too many rabbit-holes.


Anna:  But it is hokey, nonetheless!

Sigismund: Perhaps… [thoughtful pause]  Where hokiness is, unconcealment might be?

Anna:  You’ve been reading the philosopher from the Schwarzwald again.


Sigismund: The associations must be chased.

Anna:  Well, as usual, the blogger does not know exactly what this post means.

Sigismund:  There is analyst and analysand.  [looking at her] It was so even when it was only me.

Anna:  You wrote to Fliess.

Sigismund:  And so the selfsystem both writes and reads what is written.  Which part does the writing?

Anna:  Is it to be hoped that all parts do the reading?

[he only smiles again]

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