Plate Again, Sam

I still have the shard from the broken plate, but it’s been on the dresser in my bedroom since about the time I last posted (a month ago now).

The shard is from a plate.


Stamped in prison, that’s the stereotype regarding license plates, isn’t it?

Licentiousness?  Imprisoned for some kind of wrongdoing?

“Sex Offender” is the worst, isn’t it?  It’s a label for life.  I know someone you could ask about that.

But the problem is not with a sex offender; it’s with sex offending.  The It feels as though she IS an offense.

Before I return that shard, must that change?

Is the plate to which this shard really belongs my sexuality?

Play it, Sam.


Sam the Sham?

Ain’t that a Shame?

Too much on my plate, it has seemed recently.

I’ve been an ump on more than one blog.


Gonna go up now and look at my shard, then sleep.

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