An Excerpt from Marta’s Talk Show

Marta: So you’re considering a shift to less anonymity? What would that be like?
Me: I’m not completely sure yet. I think it might mean that on the blog itself I am still “anonymous,” but there won’t be any particular effort put into preventing it from being known “who I am in real life.”
Marta: That’s not such a huge difference, is it?
Me: No, it’s a small difference from any other point of view besides mine. But I’m considering it as a step that I need to take anyway. I made clear near the beginning that the main person from whom I think I am keeping any secrets is myself.
Marta: Viewers will want to know who you are.
Me: It says “Me” before each of my lines here. Presumably the blogger? I doubt that I can know for sure whether or not it is “all of us” in any sense.
Marta: How will you make the decision?
Me: Well, the fact that I’m talking to you would seem to indicate that I am open to whatever anyone reading might have to say.
Marta: …have to say to you?
Me: To me. The email address is there, and if they know ME, they would know which body to direct a comment to.
Marta (grinning): How many of you are there?
Me: How many could you deal with?

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