A Daydream that Seemed Worth Recording

Caught in a hallway, like the hallway of a hotel.  Doors on both sides with numbers on them.  It’s a wide hall.

And it’s a good thing that it’s a wide hall.  Coming down the center of the hall toward me is an underfed looking animal, probably hovering about midway between being a horse and being an ox.  The animal is harnessed, pulling a plow assembly.  Behind the plow, holding both the plow’s handles and the animal’s reins, is a manlike creature with no face, but wearing a staw hat and bib overalls.  Bare feet, bottoms of the overalls’ legs rolled up just under the knees.

As the figure trudges behind and the animal trudges ahead, the plow breaks apart the rich carpeting on the hallway floor, scattering dirt (the same color as the carpeting) on either side of the furrow it leaves.

I’m standing in front of the closed door of one of the rooms (number 1355), and watch the plowing operation as it passes in front of me and continues down the hall.

There’s a soft “bong” from the other direction.  I look down the hallway to see another figure emerge from the elevator.  She is played by Eliza Dushku.

I blink, and then I am standing in front of the elevator as the doors slip closed.  I’m looking down the hallway.  There is no one in the hallway, and the carpeting is undisturbed.  There is no one standing in front of room 1355.

Nothing there, but I know:  The plow itself was an enlarged version of the broken piece from the plate, with the sharp point turned down, into the carpet/dirt.

I turn around and punch the “down” button, and wait for the elevator to return.

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