mezzo piano

Piano means “soft,” and I grew up thinking of the insides of musical instrument cases as soft; that velvety padding stuff.  The piano might have been a baby grand, and that might have some association with the whole baby thing when Red was cut.  It’s not clear to me now whether the piano was actually there before, and I don’t feel like going back through the blog posts to see for sure.  Maybe it was just that it was “supposed to” be there.  Anyway, near the piano that was there during my childhood was a secret panel in the wall, part of the wood paneling of the room that opened to reveal a sort of closet.  I think (Blimp might know if he’s still reading at all) that there was musical stuff kept there; hence the association with the soft insides of instrument cases.  “Panel” sounds a bit like “piano,” and the group meeting now in the conversation room might be considered a panel of sorts (though not a secret one).

Then there’s the joke about the guy in the bar who had the small piano and the little foot-tall guy that played it that totally amazed the bartender, and ended up explaining that he had found a genie in a lamp but the genie was hard-of-hearing and thought he said “twelve inch pianist.”

Yes, the fact that I thought of the joke seemed important.

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