…With a thousand million questions…

Seven things that I didn’t think of until right after I had exited the record store:

  1. The guy kept calling me “man.”  Was I still played by Gellar, or was it someone else while I was in there?
  2. Were all of the album jackets in the bins (as opposed to up on the ledge) also doing the image fade thing?
  3. The guy looked a lot like Richard Brautigan, but his voice was closer to that of Tommy Chong.  (Why is this not a question like the other six?)
  4. What would have happened had I tried to take an album jacket out of the store with me?
  5. Did the album jackets contain albums when I was not touching them?
  6. What exactly was the guy reading in Rolling Stone?
  7. Why did the portal from Toyland lead to the back of the record store?

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