Now I am standing outside the front door of the record store, which is on a street among a number of shops of varying sorts.  Across the street is a Walgreen’s.

There are no cars.  I look to the right, and I see a bench about twenty five feet away, occupied by Sarah.  She glances at me, but then shifts her gaze back to the shop window in front of her.

I take three steps toward her.  “Sarah?”

She seems a bit startled, but smiles and stands up.  “Oh, it IS you!”

I hold out my arms and look at them.  “Gellar, right?”

Now, yes.  But not when you first came out of the door.”


She shakes her head.  “I didn’t recognize him.”

“What did he look like?”

She seems about to answer, but then closes her eyes with her mouth hanging open.

“You can’t remember now, can you?”

She opens her eyes again, her face apologetic.  “No, I can’t.”

“Have you just been waiting for me this whole time?”

“Yes and no.  Yes, I’ve been waiting for you the whole time since we parted, but something happened to me.  I had an important conversation, and it seemed to last a while, though it didn’t take up any of the time.”

“What was the conversation about?”

She looks down at the sidewalk.  “I may tell you about it soon, but for now, it only seems important to say that it had something to do with having.”  She looks up at me again.  “That’s also what your most recent experiences are about, correct?”

“Yup.”  I look over Sarah’s shoulder and notice that there is a point farther up the street where the pavement and buildings give way to woods.  I point, and she turns to see.

She looks back at me again.  “Should we go and find It and her companion?”

“I think so.”  I turn to look at the record store one more time.  The sign in the door now reads “CLOSED.”

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