You [comma] Valsing Me [tilde] With Me

“No, that wasn’t a false start; it was a valse start.”

I consider asking what it is that she just said, but it’s not as if I didn’t hear her just fine.  “Valse?  As in dancing?”

Sarah nods.

“You don’t dance, do you?  I mean, Amish don’t dance, right?”

“Well, not valse, anyway.  But everyone dances metaphorically, no?”

“So…  We’re going to dance?  Metaphorically, I mean?”

Sarah smiles again.  “There will be a dance.”  The smile fades quickly.  “But I think we must still wait a bit.  The blogger doesn’t hear the music for the dance quite yet.”  She glances back toward the house.  “I think that Bruce needs to dream the music.”

“I suppose there’s no way of knowing how long that will take?”

Sarah doesn’t answer immediately, and we both jump when It coughs behind us.  It has her eyes closed, and growls low, as if to herself.  “Patience.”

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