False Start #3

We’re now looking at cows.  I look over at Sarah again.  “Religion.  God.  Is it that, or something related?”

Sarah looks thoughtful.  “In one sense, of course it’s God.  Without God, there would be no authority, and no autonomy.”  Her eyebrows raise.  “But you could say that too.  The problem is not that you couldn’t or wouldn’t say it, nor even that you wouldn’t mean it.”

She continues looking at me, and I find myself wondering how long it’s been since she last blinked.  Another one of those long, silent pauses.

“No, you’re right.  That isn’t the problem.”  I look at the cows again, one of whom returns my gaze in the same unblinking way.  “The problem is more like what I would mean if I said it, right?  Like, how the “with God” thing happens for you is what matters here?”

She nods, still looking thoughtful.  “Yeah, I think that’s right.  At least how it is supposed to happen.  I’m just as fallen as you, whatever we might mean by ‘fallen’.”  She turns and begins to walk again.  I and It both follow.

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