G times 2 divided by x. Find x. (< There it is.)

Goofus: So go ahead, say it.
Gallant: Don’t you think the blog is confusing enough already?
Goofus: Of course. That’s why you might as well say it.
Gallant: But it’s only for the benefit of about four of the readers.
Goofus: So it would seem. But have any of us here foreseen what would and would not be of benefit since we began?
Gallant: I guess that’s fair. [clears throat and speaks as if to a large crowd.] The first post on this blog, for anyone who does not know this, is a still from the 2010 film, The Book of Eli.
[silent pause]
Gallant: There. Happy?
Goofus: Oh, cut it out. You know that happiness is not part of our dilation.
Director: CUT!!

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