False Start #1

[I’m calling it that because I suspect there will be more than one.  But I may be surprised; that’s how the blog is going generally.]

We’re now looking at cows.  I look over at Sarah again.  “So, you are submissive to your husband and other men voluntarily, correct?  You don’t feel like a second-class citizen, or like you’re oppressed?”

Sarah looks at the cows without responding for nearly half a minute.  I can hear It breathing behind us—a bit rough, as if she is asthmatic.

She finally looks back at me.  “That’s not really what you’re worried about, is it?”  Her eyes stay locked on mine.

I’m not sure how long it is until I respond.  “No, I guess not.”

We both look back at the cows.  If they are oppressed, they seem blissfully unaware of it.

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