And when I feel I can’t go on…

I look toward the farmhouse porch that we left just a few minutes ago, and see her coming.  She’s played by Martha Stewart.  She walks purposefully but not fast, following the same route just traced by Sarah and me.

I glance at Sarah, who is still watching the sheep and taking no notice.

As she draws closer, I notice that her movement is not making any sound.  There should be at least some sound made by her footfalls, at least a soft whiff-whiff of the grass.  Nothing but the soft sounds of the grazing sheep.

She stops about three feet from me, and looks me in the eye.  “You need to turn around.”  It’s her voice, but her lips do not move.

Sarah is still paying no attention, as if nothing is happening.

I turn around fully toward the sheep and stand waiting.  After a few seconds, Sarah looks over at me and speaks.  “Better now?”

I glance behind me.  It (Kathy Bates) is now walking toward us.  She is barefoot, wearing the denim robe from the beach and an Amish-style straw hat.  As she nears us, she slows down, nods to me slightly, and begins to linger in a relaxed way.  I can tell that she plans to follow us.

I look at Sarah and consider what the appropriate response is to her question.  She waits with that look of genuine concern.  I nod.  “Yes, I think that’s better, thank you.”

Sarah smiles.  (Won’t you smile a while for me, Sarah?)  “Walk more?”

“Yes, please.”

Did I mention that it’s a beautiful day?

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