Lou Sends

Holtz: There was no camera. Nothing but her in the chair.
Reed: Right.
Holtz: So why was she there?
Grant: Excellent question. Here’s another: Red said his number was 353. Siggy said that numbers are ALWAYS important.
Reed: As if anything is really NOT important.
Gehrig: It seems more important that she was there.
Holtz: Yes, and “directing.”
Reed: She should have been there for the coping saw bit. You know, yelling “CUT!”
Groans all around.
Grant: Id does not direct.
Reed: Neither does ego. Not master of the house.
Holtz: Superego WANTS to direct, in a way.
Reed: Have we seen superego here?
Exchange of glances.
Holtz: The king?
Some tentative nods,
Gehrig: Three fifty three. Twelve shy of a year?
Grant: [grinning] I thought you said it was more important that she was there.
Gehrig: Lights, action, but no camera. There was a camera earlier, when Bruce got his name.
Holtz: Is this getting us anywhere?
They all look around.
Reed: Are we anywhere now?
They look at each other.
All in unison: Dark Water?
That was enough to get the boat launched.
Grant: Who said that?
Reed: Nobody, stupid. There was no name at the beginning of it.

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