The Return of G&G

Goofus: Religion is the way human beings try to reach God. Christianity is the way God tries to reach human beings.
Gallant: Nice religious formula.
Goofus: How can the whole formula be religious when it names religion and OPPOSES it to something that is not religion?
Gallant: Because religion is everything. A lot of people think ‘religion’ traces etymologically to a root meaning “to bind.” Religion is what ties everything together. So when you present a formula that binds, that ties together, you have presented a religious formula.
Goofus: So any attempt to say anything bigger than religion, that is “about” religion, is going to be necessarily religious?
Gallant: Yes. (That’s the thread we’re chasing provisionally right now, anyway.)
Goofus: If religion is everything, then wouldn’t it follow that religion is really nothing?
Gallant: It would indeed follow.
Goofus: What… [pause] What would that mean?
Gallant: Religion is nothing. It’s no THING. There is no such THING as religion.

Goofus: But… That’s still a RELIGIOUS statement, correct?
Gallant: Precisely!

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