Hun Done?

“The word “hun” appears in many languages with many variations in the use of capitalization, punctuation, diacritics, and in other scripts.”  (Wiktionary)

(HUN is a code for an airport in Taiwan.)

English online sources seem most often to identify it as an alternate spelling for “hon,” which is short for “honey” (used as a term of endearment).

“You know I love the ladies;
Love to have my fun.
I’m a hun…”

I so wanted to be someone’s hun.  According to the script provided by my culture, being someone’s hun (“gonna give ya every inch o’ mah love”) was a matter of conquest.  Me got you, hun.#  It seems like a lot of people now understand how wrong this is, but far from everyone.

I don’t want to be a hun.

The statement, “I’m a hun,” is made by a skip in the record.  Can I get to where I can hear the song without hearing the skip?


#There used to be a link to YouTube to a segment from the old Animaniacs cartoon series where Attila the Hun and his wife (?) sang “Me Got You, Hun” (like Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You, Babe”).  It was removed due to copyright, and I can’t find another image.

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