Box: Posing vs. Action

In the 1960’s, I had posable action figures like that, and I had a box like this in which to store them (and their accessories—“not included”).  On the box were spaces for “NAME,” “RANK,” and “SERIAL NO.”

I knew it was called a “foot locker,” but I didn’t know why.  I remember wondering why, since it wasn’t just for feet.  In retrospect, it seems to me that I didn’t always ask out loud about things that I wondered about.  I wonder why not?

It occurs to me that I could be using “action figure” rather than “drone.”

But I’m not.

I don’t remember the phrase “action figure” being used back then.  I had Barbies as well as G. I. Joes.  If I spoke of them collectively, did I call them “dolls”?  I don’t remember.  I’m sure that I had a “friend” or two who described me as someone who “plays with dolls.”

I do remember that Barbies were not as posable as G. I. Joes.  That was true of the ones I had, anyway.

It seems important that the posing (action upon the figures, as opposed to action by the figures) could actually be done only if the figures were outside the box.  (Everybody loves it nowadays if what is done fits in the box that we call “outside the box.”)

If the blog were a series of articles, perhaps this might be a box (like a “sidebar,” I think they call it).  But it’s also a post, which is where you would expect to find military figures.  Would you find them “in action,” as opposed to posing?  Hmm.  I guess they might “see” action, right?

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