That Freudian Skip

The time frames are still different, but both of us are sitting in the same chair in the same room.

(Just let me say… uh, think… for the record that I totally have to wince at this episode’s title. But insofar as I’m following a sort of ethos here, it’s gotta be there.)

Remember the old View-Master stereoscopic viewer, with a circle of images on each of its paper discs? By looking at two one-dimensional images, one with each eye, you could see a single three-dimensional image.

Imagine that you are looking at a pair of images through a View-Master. One of the images is Leo (Macy), and the other is me (Gellar). By having one of us in each eyepiece, you are able to see one single persona. You could say that both of us are “I” right now, but it might also be that neither of us really is. It’s as if “I” just got done with BOTH conversations, the one with King Guz and the one with the 1970’s drone. “I” remember both of them just happening. I was tempted to say “literally,” there. That would’ve been a bit worse than the title, even though it would have been true.

Hearing music through the sound.

Aiming beyond qualities to an inexhaustible ground.

Being accepted unconditionally.

Investing authority.

Expectations transformed into…  Into what?  My own desires?  My own expectations?

Owning?  Being owned?

Withdrawal of authority — loss of faith.

Being a part; being accepted; being “one of us.”


Recognition of authority.

Recognition of self.

Mutual recognition.

Mastery.  Servitude.

It’s getting very Hegelian in here.

Hegel?  Yeah, the guy who won’t talk about should without talking about we.    That may help some of the dear readers, perhaps not others.

[Macy’s voice] Well, why not start using cool academic terms like ‘dialectic’?

[Gellar’s voice] It’s not like I can HELP but think in academic terms, shithead!

The ground is inexhaustible.  Never fully thematizable.  That’s the price…  Being a self, “held out into the nothing” (Heidegger) is costly.


There it is again:  Impostor.

This 3-D “I” image.

It’s an impostor.  We are.

But what it imposes (what we impose) is inexhaustible ground.

[Macy’s voice]  WE ARE EACH OTHER!

[Gellar’s voice]  BUT WE DON’T HAVE TO BE THE SAME!

[Blended voices of Kathy Bates and James Earl Jones]  NONE OF US HAVE TO BE THE SAME, YET ALL OF US ARE!

A grinding sound (like something you’d hear on an early Nine Inch Nails song) that has been building to high volume, without being noticed by any of us, is noticed by all of us when it suddenly stops.

We sit in silence.

You advance the View-Master disc to the next image.  It’s a shot of the Maid of the Mist below the Horseshoe Falls at Niagara.

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