Which Way Did Ego?

Anna: Why was it CD’s in particular that evoked the memory so suddenly and powerfully?
Sigismund: Because his discovery of Ives–of Ives the person, not just the music–happened at the time he first began buying compact discs.
Anna: So that little bit about Ives interacting with his father; THAT was key, wasn’t it? Ives is hardly his favorite composer.
Sigismund: Obviously. The image of the king was hardly subtle in this regard.
Anna: [shaking head] It was such a small thing at the time. But today he stepped squarely on it, and it exploded like a land mine.
Sigismund: Indeed. And every place where the flesh was torn by the shrapnel of meaning was destined to be torn at just that moment, in just that way.
Anna: “Destined.” He clings stubbornly to some notion of indeterminacy, to a rejection of universal causality. Is he really buying the analysis that is implied here?
Sigismund: Merleau-Ponty has taught him that we are all “condemned to meaning.” Determinism is not crucial. I’ve said that the connections are causal, but it is enough that he is accepting them as connections.
Anna: ‘Impostor’ is another obvious candidate for further association. That didn’t come up there, did it?
Sigismund: [smiling with the half of his mouth that doesn’t pain him] WE are impostors, my daughter. It isn’t clear yet WHY, even to me. And when there is an END to a chain of association, it is only provisional and strategic.
[They take off their masks and giggle softly.]

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