Node to Self

Dearest Self,

I was startled just now to realize that the shift had happened.  I went back and found where it was; it happened way back in “Quick Key.”

The shift from “if there is something to be said to me…” to “if there is something I am to be told…”

That’s where it shifted back to telling.

And then I remembered there’s no telling.

It seemed important that I register my surprise at this directly to you.

And that I say explicitly (in a note — am I singing again?) that I am often surprised by these shifts.  There’s no telling what they mean, what is their vouloir dire.

(DO NOT get me started on the whole “authorial intent” thing!  All you need to know about that is that the answer is “yes AND no.”)

So, at the risk of rubbing your nose in it rather than leaving it subtle:  There’s no telling what King Guz will tell (if anything).

That’s all for now.  Having a great time.   Wish you were here.

(“so you think you can tell”)

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