When is a Chain a Circle?

That list ended up with letters instead of numbers for some reason.  Letters do not always reach their destinations.  Multiple destinations can be programmed into the GPS.  Programming in C++.  Two pluses don’t make a minus.  So the grade is not C-.  Give the grade, make the grade.  Grade A milk.  Milk it for all it’s worth.  Mary Worth.  Woolworth’s.  Dime store.  Turning on a dime.  Turning, turning in the widening gyre.  Falcon.  Ford.  Wade in the water, children.  Children of the Heavenly Father.  Father knows best.  Best Buy.  Geek Squad.  Squadron of planes.  Plain dress.  Cross-dress.  Gladly, the cross-eyed bear.  I go cross-eyed if I have the bear numbers.  The list was supposed to have numbers.  [Deuteronomy.  Hebrew…]

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