The No-Tell Motel

There’s no telling.


There’s no telling.

Telling is not allowed?

Telling is not possible?

Telling is something that just never actually happens?

Telling is something other than what we think it is?

If one tries to tell, it won’t work?

If one tells, no one will listen?

One must not shoot an apple from the head of one’s son?


There’s no telling.

There’s no informing?

There’s no blabbing?

There’s no discerning?

There’s no indication given?

There’s nothing that makes the plot thicken?

There’s nothing that can be said that actually constitutes a telling?

Telling has not happened yet?

Telling does not happen here?  (Where?)


There’s no telling.

There’s no telling whom?

For whom is there no telling?

From whom is there no telling?

Among whom?


You never can tell.

You are never able to tell?

You never may tell?

The discernment is never validated?

You mostly can’t tell, but of course, not really never.

If that were the case, could you tell?

Can you tell whether or not there is telling?


You never can tell.

Who never can tell?

You never can tell whom?

Only an other?

Can you tell yourself?

If you do, will you listen?

Can you only remind yourself?

Can your self tell you?


Do tell.

Tell me something.

Let me tell you…

How can you tell?

You won’t tell, will you?

I’m gonna tell.

You tell ‘em!


This could all be telling.

It might be significant in some particular way.

It might be disclosing something, giving it away.


Time will tell.

What will it say?

What will it discern?


I’ll never tell.

(But that in itself is telling.

Can you tell?)

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