Ich und Es

A disconcerting “jump” indeed. 

There I was, naked and holding a stupid candle, having just lit a stupid unity candle as if I were “marrying” Bible Guy, and ZZZING!  Now I’m trudging in sand along the same beach toward the place where I had been.

I glance down and see familiar gray sweats and blonde hair.  Yup, I’m back to being played by Gellar.  I stop momentarily to look at what I’m carrying.  It’s a new-looking leather-bound Bible.  I look at the spine.  New Living Translation.

I resume trudging.

I’m almost there now.  No table or candles anywhere.  On the sand ahead of me a single figure sits cross-legged in the sand.  A hefty-looking woman wearing some kind of robe that is apparently a sort of patchwork denim.  As I get nearer, I see who the figure is played by.

Kathy Bates.

She is gazing out on the water with a slight smile on her face.  I get within ten feet of her and stop.  Only after I have stopped does she turn and look at me.

“They’ve already finished.”  She says it as if letting me in on a great secret.


Her smile widens.  “Yeah, I know.  You were there.  So was I.  Sort of.”  Long pause.  “But now it’s just you.”  She looks back at the water.

“Well, there’s you.”

“There’s always me.”  The smile has faded again.

I can’t think of anything profound to say.  “Right.  There’s always you.”  I pause and glance out at the water that she is contemplating.  “And I.”

The smile returns, bigger than ever.  “I’m not sure if that’s grammatically correct.”

“Tee hee.”  I’m not smiling.

“Now you’ve got the Bible.”

I just look at her for a few seconds.  “I want to be completely done with this.”

Still smiling, she closes her eyes.  “Wo Es war…”

I close my eyes. “…soll Ich werden.”

I open my eyes again.

I’m now alone on the beach, sitting cross-legged, gazing out at the sea.

Alone but not singular.

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