Take Tuesday

I open my eyes again.  He has now closed his eyes and leaned back in his cushy leather chair.  I glance to my left and see, without surprise, that the other chair is now empty.  My Bible is still in my lap, open to the book of Romans, chapters 7 and 8.  I close the Bible, and close my eyes again.

I wait, but it is only a moment before I feel a breeze on my face and hear the sound of waves breaking against a shore.

When I open my eyes again, I am standing on a beach in bright sunlight.  Six feet away, facing me, is the same man I just saw sitting in the leather chair.  He has opened his eyes too.  We are both naked. My first impression is that our bodies are like that of a Barbie doll, with visible joints so that we are “posable.”  This immediately fades, and I see that our bodies are normal except that our crotches are not “anatomically correct.”  None of this is terribly surprising.  What I find surprising is what stands between us.

Between us, protruding upward from the sand of the beach, is a post topped by a flat white table at a height slightly above my waist.  On the table is a large white candle, unlit, flanked by two white tapers in semi-ornate candle holders, both burning.

I can’t contain my disgust.  “You have GOT to be kidding!”

He grins and plays air guitar.  “Nice day for a…  white wedding!”

“Did it HAVE to be like a WEDDING?  A fucking UNITY CANDLE?!”

“There you go swearing again.  What will your pastor think?”  He is still amused, but I can tell that he is also a bit irritated.  He suddenly looks past my left shoulder into the distance, and his face becomes very serious.  “Here she comes.”

I look around.  Although she is still far enough away that visual identification is a bit questionable, I know that he’s right about who it is.  She’s walking steadily along the beach toward us.  I look back at him.  “Are we supposed to wait for her?”

He continues to follow her approach grimly.  “I don’t think so.  I think we’re supposed to be done by the time she gets here.”  He meets my eyes again.  “I guess I’m ready.”

We stare at each other for what seems like a long time before I respond.  “OK, I’m ready too.”  We both step toward the candles.

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