“My favorite part of Harlow’s last response is the last paragraph.”

“Well, of course that’s the part you would like the best.  You’re so predictable.”

“As if any of us were wholly UNpredictable.”

“Well, mightn’t we take some comfort from not being wholly predictable?”

“I’m especially taken with the phrase ‘delusional deathgrip of “control”.’”



“That needed three layers of nested quotes!”

“Oh, I see.  …so…  Are there any other initial reactions?”

[long pause]

“What is there to add to the parenthetical voice at the end?”

[lots of nodding]

“Most of the important stuff happens in the parentheses.”

“…or in the footnotes.”

“Sometimes there are even parentheses in the footnotes.”

[more nodding]

“Hey, I know.  The best would be nested quotes within nested paretheses, all in a footnote.”

[sound of head being smacked with a tattered Bible]

“OUCH!  Quit it!”

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