[Bible Guy looks up from his Bible again, and is not surprised to see that the boy has changed. This time the boy is more like 12 or maybe 13, with different glasses and longer hair. He’s wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. They look at each other for several seconds before the boy speaks.]
Boy: Ya know, it’s not just that other people suck, though they usually do… [pause]
BG: …but also…?
Boy: It’s that it sucks that I’m even here. Nobody asked me if I wanted to be here. I didn’t apply for this job. It might’ve been better if I hadn’t been born.
BG: You would rather die?
Boy: No, I didn’t say that. Dying would suck now too. But that just means everything sucks, doesn’t it?
[no response]
Boy: [smirking knowingly] Ya know, that’s what you think too.
BG: Excuse me?
Boy: You know what I’m talking about. You think it totally sucks to be alive too. You believe stuff in the Bible, and you talk like that makes everything OK, but you are just as mad about not being asked before you were put here. You really think it sucks to be alive. You think you’ve now met other people who don’t suck, but you still often suspect that other people mostly suck. But especially you think it sucks to just be alive, to just be you.
[Long pause.]
Boy: [idly gesturing at BG’s Bible] There’s a bunch of stuff in there that probably has to do with aliens that came to Earth a long time ago. I read a book about it. God may be an astronaut.
[Another long pause.]
Boy: I gotta go.
[He rises and saunters toward the archway, glancing at the space capsule as it gently drops to the floor. He turns around once more.]
Boy: You already know me, man. You ARE me. You just carry a Bible around and keep trying to tell yourself you’re something different now. But you don’t believe it.
[The boy departs. BG sits in silence for more than two minutes.]
BG: [shaking head and muttering] Jee-zus Christ!
[Now the room is empty, except for the grounded capsule.]

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