Holding a Belief

So here’s an important question.  At least, I think it’s important.  If it’s not clear how many of us there are, what does it mean to hold a belief?

It seems like the same sort of question you might ask about a group of people.  What does it mean for a group of people to hold a belief in common?  Is it enough to say that, if you ask them whether they believe it, they all say “yes”?

If so, then does the selfsystem holding a belief mean that all of us would say “yes” if asked whether we believe it?  This somehow strikes me as more doubtful than in the case of the group of people, but I’m not sure why.  Or maybe the fact that it’s doubtful also makes it doubtful in the group case too.

In any group of people, it’s usually the case that there are some persons who have more “pull,” or more “say” regarding whether a particular belief is represented as the belief “of the group.”  Is it that way among us?  Do some of us have more say?

If belief is understood as a propensity to act in certain ways, does that make it simpler?  Why would it?  If it’s not clear how many of us there are, doesn’t that mean it’s unclear how many actors there are as well?

Or does it?  Is the action of the selfsystem some kind of “outward” (public, in the “external world”) manifestation of a “coming together” of all of us (who, in that case, are presumably “in here”)?  If this were true, it’s still likely that some of us get more “say” or have more “pull.”

When Bible Guy was “isolated” for at least 15 years (maybe 20), it would seem that he continued during that time to hold his beliefs, but the selfsystem did not.

Or did it?  Did it hold the beliefs as it held Bible Guy—in “isolation”?

Holding.  Embracing, hanging onto, grasping, clutching.

Holding.  Keeping in one’s hand, close to the vest, not discarding, not yet playing.

Holding.  Convening, as with a meeting or a conference.

Holding.  Detaining, restraining, imprisoning, in a cell, “at gunpoint.”

Holding.  Waiting while listening to a short loop of bad muzak.

Holding.  On defense.  Five yard penalty.  Automatic first down.

I want to hold your hand.

Hold your horses.

Hold the mayo.

Just hold me.

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