en passant

Bible Guy (played by William H. Macy) and an unidentified interlocutor.  A hallway.  Sometime later.

Bible Guy:  Yes, I have one question.  Only one for now, anyway.

Other: It’s not certain that I’ll have an answer, but feel free to ask.

Bible Guy: Is anything around here fixed?  I don’t mean fixed like a rigged game.  I mean unchanging, stationary, finalized.

Other: Do you really not know the answer to your question?

Bible Guy: Maybe I do.  But maybe I want to hear it said.

Other: Motion requires a frame of reference.  So something is always being treated as stationary, or motion wouldn’t be.

Bible Guy: But isn’t there something somewhere that REALLY IS stationary, as opposed to being “treated as” stationary?

Other: Would that be something that is stationary “in itself,” regardless of any frame of reference?

Bible Guy: You could put it that way, yes.

Other: Wouldn’t that be God?

Bible Guy: Yes, I suppose it would.

Other: And would God be God only within a frame of reference?

Bible Guy: No, God would be God.  Period.

[Silence just long enough to be slightly awkward.]

Other: Wouldn’t that mean that God IS a frame of reference?

Bible Guy: Do you mean ONLY a frame of reference?

Other: Not at all.  I mean from our point of view, wouldn’t God have to be a frame of reference, whatever else God might be?

[More silence.  This time much longer, but not really awkward.]

Bible Guy: I’m going to have to think about that.

[The Other nods, and they part.]

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