Anne on a Moose

New-Agey piano tinkling.  Slightly worried-looking people on picnics and fishing trips.



“Anonymity from self.  Up to three out of ten parts of you suffer from a desire for it at least occasionally.  Other selves often don’t know how discreet they are expected to be.

Now, there’s slow-release trust for occasional anonymity-to-self.  Ask your doctor if you are healthy enough for risky interpersonal intercourse.  Slow-release trust may cause anxiety, paranoid thoughts, and rectal bleeding.  Voting Democrat has been reported in some cases, but it is not clear that trust or openness caused the voting behavior.

With slow-release trust, your readers feel comfortable sharing your blog, possibly including your “identity,” with those whom they trust in turn.  Stop using anonymity and contact a real doctor if you experience inability to breathe, thoughts of sex reassignment, or positive feelings toward Glenn Beck.

Sometimes baby steps look like giant leaps for self-kind.  Put on your whole-self panties and take a step.  The multitudes you contain will thank you for it.”

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